The least common of the breeds, its appearance is that of an anthropomorphic wolf, though they have the temperament of the Hiretsuna.  This breed is capable of speaking both wolf tongue and speaking Common, though their speech might be a bit more limited and uncivilized unless they have had some form of education. They are no stranger to taking up residence in either the village, outskirts on farms, or even roaming the forests in packs of the Yama-inu. Many of the Monsu are talented blacksmiths, guards, and hunters when they’ve chosen to reside near towns. Some have even been known to take a human slave to take care of menial tasks in their homes or businesses.  Most serve the Empress Daughter of the Wolf-God as her loyal guards, warriors, and assassins. The Monsu are generally treated as the bastardized versions of the Okami by the Hikari and often harbor a deep hatred or dislike for the Hikari and their ilk, even the friendly Hikari traders that visit the village from time to time.